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Vinny's Italian Restaurant

About us

Authentic Italian food.

Proteinza is a pizza crust made from chicken and brown rice We've all had that empty feeling in our stomach that nothing can satisfy except our one true love - Pizza. You might even be experiencing that cheesy monster right now. But if you're like us you probably also have the conflicting guilt about stuffing your face with all those empty carbohydrates. They'll probably end up on your waistline as millions of multiplying fat cells.

Wouldn't it be great if you could have pizza without all those empty carbohydrates?

Proteinza is made with delicious natural shredded chicken breast (no bread, sorry vegetarians!) to create a scrumptious thin crust that has a tiny 344 kcal for the entire 10" pizza crust, 13 g of carbs, and a huge 54 g of protein!

Order today and experience the golden bubbling melted cheese, fresh hand-sliced toppings tickling your taste buds, and the satisfying crunch of our thin crust.